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Not active

2013-05-29 17:47:15 by NA1223

For the few followers and friends i have/had on here i have mainly moved to tumblr and steam see y'all there!

not much lately

2012-06-16 11:41:50 by NA1223

Hello people of newgrounds, again nobodies probably going to read this but who cares. Anyway lately i've been moding Minecraft PE and playing kingdom hearts, not much to talk about, but i like to keep these posts updated and i haven't been online in awhile so here i am updating my posts. I am also planning to make some amazing Minecraft skins soon on Skin Craft right here on Newgrounds so look for them. My first few skins are going to be fan made sky lords from the yogscast "Shadows of Israphel" series

awesome news

2012-04-23 16:14:18 by NA1223

well writing more crap thats important to only me and to millions of others. first i got my senior black belt on saturday the 21st, took me six years so i'm really happy. Also I've been playing my GBA emulator on my iPod more and I've gotten really far on the game Pokemon ruby destiny reign of legends (hacked ROM). news that is more important to the rest of you is that i soon hope to put up a video i did as a project for my black belt onto YouTube, my YouTube account is purplegyrados. also two new downloadable Pokemon games will be coming to the 3ds. one of which is a new Pokedex 3D with all the Pokemon. a new Pokemon trailer for Black 2 and white 2 has come out with more game-play and info, only problem it's all in Japanese. i encourage you to check out Serebii (a Pokemon website, but use .net at end, for more info). and for those with Kid Icarus Uprising my current username is nick, but i may change it to NA1223 or Ocarinaboy so that you can all identify me better, hope to see anyone that plays this game soon. and here is the Black 2 and White 2 video. Enjoy and have a great day people of Newgrounds!

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recent stuff

2012-04-14 12:43:27 by NA1223

Well havent made one of these in months mostly because i'm not famous so no one sees them anyway, but might as well make a new one. lately I've been playing the original Infamous, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. I've seen the new Avatar the Last Air Bender series and i have to say it is quite amazing story line wise, and graphic wise. Also i cant wait for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 they are the sequel to Black and White and they take place 2 years after the originals. Half of the region is frozen, and you can now catch Pokemon from all regions, as well as new forms and a better Pokedex. Plus new gym leaders and places, for more info go to Serebii to get info and videos. Here is a Japanese video with pictures enjoy

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Also have a great day people of Newgrounds

mario kart

2012-01-13 16:31:58 by NA1223

to any of you who play Mario kart 7 i have created a online community so please come check it out. The icon is a blue shell, the name is Billy Mays, the code is 57-0285-7808-9631, and the message is the game. So come race is you got Mario kart 7. I also plan to make a Newgrounds community for all the people that have accounts or visit Newgrounds. I will ask tom first thought

big rater

2012-01-05 17:29:27 by NA1223

Hey guys I'm really big on rating and rate tons of things. i plan to get tons of rating power over the course of this new year. (by raising level and by blaming/saving things every day). So watch out because one day i could have a big voting/score effect on your stuff

hey all

2012-01-05 17:14:05 by NA1223

Hi guys im only going to submit art. So if any of you see it and come to my page you wont find much but more art